• BUTYPETS®: Butyrate for the gut health of dogs and cats

    One of the most important aspects to address within pet nutrition is digestive health, as it is essential for a long and healthy life. The digestive system is crucial to maintain a strong immune system for both cats and dogs.

    A dog’s digestive system is responsible not only for breaking down food, absorbing the nutrients from the food and distributing them throughout the body, but also for preventing pathogens from entering the dog’s system. Meanwhile, a cat’s digestive problems are one of the most common reasons cats are brought to their veterinarian. Additionally, antibiotic treatments in dogs and cats can have negative effects on the health of their gut microflora and digestive system.

    Butyric acid has been shown to be beneficial for intestinal integrity and health. Its use in livestock has already more than 20 years and the number of studies on its properties and mode of action increases each year.

    Tributyrin comes from human clinical nutrition and improves taste and odor to deliver butyric acid to pets and solve gastrointestinal health problems. It is a novel trend for the intestinal integrity of dogs and cats.

    Tributyrin is a triglyceride of butyric acid. It increases the concentration of butyrate when pancreatic enzymes hydrolyze it. It has been the subject of much research and has proven to be more potent than other forms of butyrate.

    Butyric acid is the main source of energy for the colonocyte. Most gastrointestinal disorders are characterized by low concentrations of butyric acid.

    Butyric acid is highly beneficial in young animals since it favors a rapid development of the intestinal mucosa, it increases the resistance to external aggressions (mechanical, bacterial) and favors the establishment of saprophytic flora. But also butyrate is beneficial in any challenging situation of the digestive integrity, the need for recovery of the intestinal mucosa or the convenience of optimizing the capacity of absorption of nutrients.

    Some of the proven effects of butyric acid on the intestinal wall are:

    Increase in the length of the intestinal villi, which means an increase in the absorption surface of the nutrients in the feed.
    Increase in intestinal secretions, which implies greater digestibility and protection of the enteric mucosa.
    Anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect of the local immune system, which implies a greater resistance to stress and the action of pathogens.
    Reinforcement of the cellular junctions of the enteric mucosa (Tight junctions), which reduces the permeability of the intestine.

    Butyric acid is a POSTBiOTiC produced in nature by the intestinal microbiota.

  • SCFAs

    We work on new therapeutic and nutricional approaches based on Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs). They are vital to the balance of the microbiota and the development and health of the intestinal epithelium. SCFAs are produced when dietary fiber is fermented by the anaerobic intestinal microbiota. Main SCFAs are: Butyrate, Acetate and Propionate.

    butyric acid for SCFAs

    Figure 1. Production of Butyric acid & its Role in the Intestine


    vicious circle para SCFAs

    Figure 2. What is a ‘Dysbiotic Vicious Circle’ and How to Break it


    microbial-derives metabolismFigure 3. Interactions between the diet & the gut microbiota dictate the production of short-chain fatty acids. “Butyrate-producing bacteria” such as Clostridiaceae, Lachnospiraceae and Ruminococcaceae biotransform carbohydrates & fiber into butyrate. The ability of the microbiota to biotransform various dietary components into functional metabolites is likely incapacitated when the ecosystem is disrupted by antibiotic treatments or altered by dietary manipulation. (Cell Host & Microbe. August 2014)

  • Nutricion Hospitalaria Magazine – SCFAs (Butyric Acid) and Intestinal Pathologies.

    In the fourth edition of 2017, the spanish magazine Nutrición Hospitalaria summarizes the content and spechees of the Madrid Complutense University Nutrition Conference. This year David Manrique reviewed the clinical use of formulations for the oral use of butyric acid in pathologies with intestinal affectation.

    This is the link to the article.

  • What people say about us

    The Multiple Health Benefits of Tributyrin, a Triglyceride Form of Butyrate. (Link to the article)

    BioFoundations – A Natural Approach to Human Health.

    ‘The mission of BioFoundations is to provide information on human health for educational purposes to the public. The focus of BioFoundations is on scientific and evidence-based research on the natural and solution-oriented approaches to human health.’


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    Suplementándonos con ácido butírico: BUTYCAPS. Otra manera de cuidar tu flora. (Link to the article)

    Farmacia Principal 124, de Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

    ‘Nos gusta presentar nuestra farmacia como un espacio de salud y tratamientos orientado a mejorar la calidad de vida de todo aquel que entra por la “puerta” (¡o por la ventana!). Nuestra receta no tiene ningún secreto, todo lo que hacemos es a través de la innovación permanente en productos y servicios que ofrecemos junto con una gran dosis de humanidad, comprensión y empatía y todo aderezado con un poco de sentido del humor que nunca viene mal en cualquier ocasión.’


    Cómo ayuda la fibra dietética a las bacterias “buenas” a ganar la batalla de la flora intestinal.

    (Link to the article)

    Revista Electrónica de PortalesMedicos.com

    ‘Revista electrónica de periodicidad quincenal dirigida a los profesionales de la Salud de habla hispana interesados en mantener sus conocimientos científicos al día y cultivar una formación continuada en las diversas especialidades en que se divide el Conocimiento Médico actual.’


    La revista SModa (EL PAÍS) publica un artículo titulado “Flora a tono”, en el que se explica qué es el ácido butírico o butirato y su implicación en la salud.

    “Butyric acid is the intestinal protector that revolutionizes nutrition”









    Butyric acid or butyrate: a postbiotic to help your intestinal health.

    Web ‘Para Colon Irritable’: Link to the article

    ‘Butyric acid is the most dynamic short chain fatty acid and important for our intestinal health. Without it, the intestinal tissue is vulnerable’


  • Butyric Acid: How do we produce it?

    The human intestine houses trillions of commensal bacteria (gut microbiota) dominated by nearly 800 different species. “Healthy” gut microbiota supports epithelial cell health, nutrient metabolism and breakdown, and indirect mucosal defense against pathogenic bacteria. Gut microbiota ferment non-digestible polysaccharides to yield short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Butyrate is the most dynamic SCFA and important for intestinal health. In addition to serving as the primary fuel source for colonocytes, butyrate maintains gut integrity, modulates inflammation and immune function. Without butyrate, intestinal tissue is vulnerable to apoptosis, inflammation, mucosal atrophy and colonic pathology.


  • Butyric Acid: Clinical Applications


    Butyric acid is the main source of energy for colonocytes.

    Many intestinal diseases are characterised by reduced concentrations of butyric acid in the colon.

  • #NutricionPractica 2017: Formulation of new butyric acid food supplement

    Here you can download our work in #NutricionPractica 2017, held in Madrid 5-6 April.

    Formulación de nuevo complemento alimenticio de ácido butírico microencapsulado

    PDF: Formulación de nuevo complemento alimenticio de ácido butírico microencapsulado

  • Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation. SEPyP 2017

    You can download our work at Sepyp 2017, oral communication titled: Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation.

    Formulate and develop a nutritional supplement that ensures the enteric release of butyric acid and that presents organoleptic characteristics that do not hinder the therapeutic adherence.

    Electro-hydrodynamic technology of monodisperse microcapsules, using tributyrin as butyric acid “pro-drug” (Triglyceride containing three butyric acid molecules).
    As the excipient, solid fats at room temperature were used to form the microspheres which characterize a granular shape.
    Selection of fat-miscible aromas to counteract the immoderate organoleptic characteristics of butyric acid.

    Granulate containing 30% tributyrin, ( 787 mg of butyric acid per 3 grams of final product).
    Excipients: Fully hydrogenated sunflower oil and mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E-471). They allow solid microspheres to be obtained at room temperature by incorporating monodisperse tributyrin. Total hydrogenation allows the physicochemical objectives pursued while containing a practically insignificant amount of trans fat, less than 0,1% (0,08% exactly).
    The final product is organoleptically characterized by its banana aroma and the absence of flavor.

    The availability of oral nutritional supplements that allow the enteric release of butyric acid is currently scarce.
    This new galenic form is a tool for the treatment of digestive pathologies that deal with dysbiosis of the microbiota, damage of the epithelium and degradation of the intestinal mucosa.
    The granulated format and the organoleptic characteristics obtained allow to bet for a positive therapeutic adherence.

    Download here the slides of the presentation

  • ‘Por Tu Salud’ – BUTYCAPS on Canal Sur Radio

    The research and development of BUTYCAPS on the spanish Canal Sur Radio.

    David Manrique was interviewed on saturday the 18th of February about the technological process of BUTYCAPS and the uses of tributyrin, a triglyceride of butyric acid, for intestinal health.

    Go to the minute 46 to listen to the whole interview



  • International Congress on Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases. Sevilla Feb2017

    We are glad to share with you our work in the 2017 International Congress on Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases.

    ‘Formulation of a Nutritional Supplement based on Microencapsulated Tributyrin for Oral Supply of Butyric Acid in Short Bowel Syndrome’

    We are sorry it’s in spanish…

    Poster BUTYCAPS Mehuer Febrero 2017