Plant based protein isolate powder.

Specially designed to meet high protein dietary requirements. Protein: 86%. Technological process of protein isolate made in Spain.

Gluten free. 100% vegan. No allergens. Neutral taste. Ready to add to sweet or salty culinary preparations. Dispersible in both cold and hot foods. Pure & Simple with the highest quality.

Net weight: 330 gr.

Protein Profile
Protein digestibility 95.8%
Essential aminoacids 34.3%
Branched aminoacids 15.7%
Glutamine 15%
Arginine 7%
Ingredients: Pea protein isolate, Rice protein isolate.
346 Kcal / 100gr.
Nutritional Information per 100g
Protein 86.1gr
Carbohidrates 2.3gr
Fiber 1.9gr
Fat 0.6gr
Salt 2.1gr