Functional Lipids & Microbiota


Food supplement based on microencapsulated* butyrate triglyceride and zinc**.

*The encapsulation technology allows a slower and gradual release along the intestine.

**Contributes to the normal metabolism of fatty acids, to the protection of cells against oxidative damage, to the normal functioning of the immune system and to normal protein synthesis.

Food for special medical purposes. 

For the dietary management of intestinal disorders with impaired mucosal trophism.

Food supplement based on the encapsulation of butyrate trigliceryde.

BUTYCAPS® Granules technology allows a slower and gradual release of butyrate throughout the intestine.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.

Food supplement based on softgels containing butyrate oil.

BUTYCAPS® Liquid technology is designed to develop easy-to-take softgel capsules, ensuring an effective release of butyrate.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.

Buty Oil Cooking Spray 150 ml.

MCT&SCT Oil Sprayer.

Highly innovative product of MCT oil associated with short chain triglycerides SCT (butyrate).

Propellant FREE!
Bag-On-Valve technology.

Ideal for cooking or dressing.

Plant-based protein isolate powder.

Specially designed to meet high protein dietary requirements. Protein isolate technology process made in Spain. Protein content: 86%

Complementary pet food with butyrate triglyceride to support intestinal function.

Specially designed for dogs and cats in situations of intestinal mucosa degradation, increased permeability or dysbiosis of the microbiota.