Food for special medical purposes. 

For the dietary management of intestinal disorders with impaired mucosal trophism.

Food supplement based on the encapsulation of butyrate trigliceryde.

BUTYCAPS® Granules technology allows a slower and gradual release of butyrate throughout the intestine.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.

Food supplement based on softgels containing butyrate oil.

BUTYCAPS® Liquid technology is designed to develop easy-to-take softgel capsules, ensuring an effective release of butyrate.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.

Buty Oil Cooking Spray 150 ml.

MCT&SCT Oil Sprayer.

Highly innovative product of MCT oil associated with short chain triglycerides SCT (butyrate).

Propellant FREE!
Bag-On-Valve technology.

Ideal for cooking or dressing.

Plant-based protein isolate powder.

Specially designed to meet high protein dietary requirements. Protein isolate technology process made in Spain. Protein content: 86%

Complementary pet food with butyrate triglyceride to support intestinal function.

Specially designed for dogs and cats in situations of intestinal mucosa degradation, increased permeability or dysbiosis of the microbiota.