Functional Lipids & Microbiota


BUTYPETS®: Butyrate for dogs and cats

Complementary pet food for dogs and cats with microencapsulated tributyrin (butyrate triglyceride).

Tributyrin comes from human clinical nutrition and improves taste and odor to deliver butyric acid to pets and solve gastrointestinal health problems. It is a novel trend for the intestinal integrity of dogs and cats.

One of the most important aspects to address within pet nutrition is digestive health, as it is essential for a long and healthy life. The digestive system is crucial to maintain a strong immune system for both cats and dogs.

A dog’s digestive system is responsible not only for breaking down food, absorbing the nutrients from the food and distributing them throughout the body, but also for preventing pathogens from entering the dog’s system. Meanwhile, a cat’s digestive problems are one of the most common reasons cats are brought to their veterinarian. Additionally, antibiotic treatments in dogs and cats can have negative effects on the health of their gut microflora and digestive system.