Functional Lipids & Microbiota

Branded Ingredients


The encapsulation of butyrate triglyceride.

Functional ingredient based on butyrate triglyceride in a granular format. The encapsulation technology allows a slower and gradual release along the intestine.


Functional ingredient based on butyrate oil.

Designed for softgel formulations and suitable for the lipid fraction of functional foods.

Nigella Sativa seed oil.

First cold pressed Black Cumin oil, standardized to 5% thymoquinone and produced in Spain.

Since its ancestral use in the Mediterranean culture, this range of functional ingredients combines gastric, topical and culinary applications.

Nigella sativa and Gut Health:

Effect of Nigella sativa on Selected Gastrointestinal Diseases.

Gastrointestinal effects of Nigella sativa and its main constituent, thymoquinone: a review

Comparative Study of Nigella sativa and Triple Therapy in Eradication of Helicobacter pylori in Patients with Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia

A Study of the Role of Nigella Sativa Oil in the Eradication of H.Pylori Infection in Symptomatic Children


Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid found in food and is one of the basic components of protein. However, in some situations, glutamine could become essential, as the body cannot produce enough of it. In these situations, glutamine is considered “conditionally essential.”

A number of cells use glutamine as fuel (“nutritional substrate”). This is especially important in the small intestine, as its cells use glutamine as their main source of fuel.

It has been tested how glutamine would provide enough energy to the small intestine to stimulate motility and suppress oxidative stress in clinical situations such as postoperative conditions (1).

In other studies, it has been established that both glutamate and glutamine have a positive effect on the immune system of young animals such as piglets (2).

In summary, the relationship between glutamine and intestinal function and immunity seems clear, and thus its use in nutrition and complementary feeds is increasingly of interest in situations of both prevention and clinical management.


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2. Efecto de la glutamina y aminoácidos de cadena ramificada en los parámetros hematológicos y bioquímicos de cachorros caninos. Rev. Vet. 33: 2, 169-176, 2022


We supply functional butyrate-based ingredients, ready to be incorporated into new products and also suitable for improving existing formulas.


We formulate and supply innovative ready-to-market food supplements. We are the experts in butyrate, and we work with targeted release forms through encapsulations and based-oils formulations.

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