Functional Lipids & Microbiota

Branded Ingredients


The encapsulation of butyrate trigliceryde.

Functional ingredient based on butyrate triglyceride in a granular format. The encapsulation technology allows a slower and gradual release along the intestine.


Functional ingredient based on butyrate oil.

Designed for softgel formulations and suitable for the lipid fraction of functional foods.


We supply functional butyrate-based ingredients, ready to be incorporated into new products and also suitable for improving existing formulas.


We formulate and supply innovative ready-to-market food supplements. We are the experts in butyrate, and we work with targeted release forms through encapsulations and based-oils formulations.

Contact us if you are interested in increasing your portfolio with this innovative ‘Functional Lipids & Microbiota” concept and get to know the different opportunities in distribution and sales.