Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation. SEPyP 2017

You can download our work at Sepyp 2017, oral communication titled: Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation.

Formulate and develop a nutritional supplement that ensures the enteric release of butyric acid and that presents organoleptic characteristics that do not hinder the therapeutic adherence.

Electro-hydrodynamic technology of monodisperse microcapsules, using tributyrin as butyric acid “pro-drug” (Triglyceride containing three butyric acid molecules).
As the excipient, solid fats at room temperature were used to form the microspheres which characterize a granular shape.
Selection of fat-miscible aromas to counteract the immoderate organoleptic characteristics of butyric acid.

Granulate containing 30% tributyrin, ( 787 mg of butyric acid per 3 grams of final product).
Excipients: Fully hydrogenated sunflower oil and mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E-471). They allow solid microspheres to be obtained at room temperature by incorporating monodisperse tributyrin. Total hydrogenation allows the physicochemical objectives pursued while containing a practically insignificant amount of trans fat, less than 0,1% (0,08% exactly).
The final product is organoleptically characterized by its banana aroma and the absence of flavor.

The availability of oral nutritional supplements that allow the enteric release of butyric acid is currently scarce.
This new galenic form is a tool for the treatment of digestive pathologies that deal with dysbiosis of the microbiota, damage of the epithelium and degradation of the intestinal mucosa.
The granulated format and the organoleptic characteristics obtained allow to bet for a positive therapeutic adherence.

Download here the slides of the presentation