Ingredients to maximize gut potential

BUTYCAPS® Granules: In the market since January 2017 100%
PROTAGONiST Protein: In the market since November 2017 100%
BUTYCAPS® Liquid: In the market since March 2019 100%

BUTYCAPS® 30 Sachets.

Microencapsulated Tributyrin. Food Supplement.

Tributyrin is the most bioavailable form of Butyric Acid. BUTYCAPS® Granules technology allows a slower and gradual release of butyric acid throughout the intestine.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.

BUTYCAPS® 60 Caps.

Softgels Food Supplement containing BUTYCAPS® Liquid.

BUTYCAPS® Liquid technology is designed to develop easy-to-take softgel capsules. Tributyrin is the most bioavailable form of Butyric Acid.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.


Plant-based protein isolate powder.

Specially designed to meet high protein dietary requirements. Protein: 86%. Protein isolate processed in Spain.

100% GMO FREE Plant Sources. Gluten free. 100% vegan. No allergens.

Neutral taste. Ready to add to sweet and salty food and drinks. Dispersible in both cold and hot foods.


Complementary pet food with tributyrin to support intestinal function.

Specially designed for dogs and cats in situations of intestinal mucosa degradation, increased permeability or dysbiosis of the microbiota.