Ingredients to maximize gut potential

BUTYCAPS® Granules: In the market since January 2017 100%
PROTAGONiST Protein: In the market since November 2017 100%
BUTYCAPS® Liquid 80%

BUTYCAPS® 30 Sachets.

Microencapsulated Tributyrin.

Tributyrin is the most bioavailable form of Butyric Acid. BUTYCAPS® Granules technology allows a slower and gradual release of butyric acid throughout the intestine.

BUTYCAPS®: Butyrate made effective.


Plant-based protein isolate powder.

Specially designed to meet high protein dietary requirements. Protein: 86%. Protein isolate processed in Spain.

100% GMO FREE Plant Sources. Gluten free. 100% vegan. No allergens.

Neutral taste. Ready to add to sweet and salty food and drinks. Dispersible in both cold and hot foods.