Veggie Protein ELiE 86

In certain situations more protein in diet is required. Achieving this goal when animal sources are not welcome is not that easy, specially when dairy intolerance/allergies are present. We just designed a vegetarian protein with the highest profile of amino acids and biodisponibility. It presents the maximum PDCAAS equal to milk but free of allergens. […]

Butyric Acid: How do we produce it?

The human intestine houses trillions of commensal bacteria (gut microbiota) dominated by nearly 800 different species. “Healthy” gut microbiota supports epithelial cell health, nutrient metabolism and breakdown, and indirect mucosal defense against pathogenic bacteria. Gut microbiota ferment non-digestible polysaccharides to yield short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Butyrate is the most dynamic SCFA […]

Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation. SEPyP 2017

You can download our work at Sepyp 2017, oral communication titled: Enteric Release Butyric Acid: Innovation in oral formulation. Objetives: Formulate and develop a nutritional supplement that ensures the enteric release of butyric acid and that presents organoleptic characteristics that do not hinder the therapeutic adherence. Metodología: Electro-hydrodynamic technology of monodisperse microcapsules, using tributyrin as […]

‘Por Tu Salud’ – BUTYCAPS on Canal Sur Radio

The research and development of BUTYCAPS on the spanish Canal Sur Radio. David Manrique was interviewed on saturday the 18th of February about the technological process of BUTYCAPS and the uses of tributyrin, a triglyceride of butyric acid, for intestinal health. Go to the minute 46 to listen to the whole interview Thanks!  

What is a Postbiotic?

In the last decade we have witnessed an exponential increase in the therapeutic use of probiotics and prebiotics for both acute and chronic gastrointestinal pathologies. The use of postbiotics such as butyric acid is a new tool in gastroenterology and nutrition.    

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