About ELiE

Who We Are

The seed of ELiE was born through a project about nutrition and health where the science of microbiota and probiotics were the connection point and the center axis. Soon we realized how fascinating this field is and we immersed ourselves in its knowledge.

ELiE Health Solutions humbly honors Elie Metchnikoff, microbiologist and Nobel Price of Physiology in 1908. A century ago he proposed the benefit of acid lactic bacteria to the host and their role in health and longevity. Nowadays microbiota is becoming more relevant in the scientific community and it is rightful named ‘one more organ’. 

ELiE wishes to be a partner like microbiota is symbiotic for ourselves.

María Eugenia González @EuNutricion and David Manrique @ManriqueDVD

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What We Do

  • Nutrition, Microbiota and Gut Health Human-centered Product Design
  • Commercial Agreements to Promote Innovative Products in Nutrition and Health
  • Biotechnology Solutions Projects

Open Innovation

Do you have an innovative idea in the field of dietary intervention and intestinal health?
The management and development of innovative ideas is a priority for us. Contact us!


Our own vision about intestinal health and microbiota. Sometimes we write, sometimes we invite people to do it from their experience.

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